Asset Management

“Institution quality for Wealth management clients.”

Our investment philosophy

Value before Valuation

  • Business value is a function of business model, management, culture and strategy
  • Valuation comes only after thorough consideration of these factors

Competitive advantages form a defensive moat

  • We focus on segments that benefit from secular trends, and companies with established or emerging competitive advantages within these segments
  • These tend to be franchises with improving product portfolio and profitability

Intrinsic value & margin of safety

  • We think of risk as the possibility of a permanent loss of capital
  • Therefore, we look to invest only at a discount to our estimate of the intrinsic value of a company
  • The intrinsic value is the sum of future cash flows, discounted at an appropriate rate
  • Being an estimate of the future, there is a range of possible IVs, and the range changes

Harvest Group is a fund management company overseeing more than USD 200 billion for our clients across a range of equity, fixed income, multi asset and alternative strategies. We provide specialist investment services through segregated accounts and investment funds to some of the world’s largest pension funds, financial institutions, sovereign wealth funds, family offices and ultra-high net worth individuals.


Our investment process

An Investment Committee provides advice and ensures compliance.