“Our Core Values.”

Our business.

Investment led and centered around the financial goals of our clients with a dedication to sustainability.

Our size.

Suite of products offered differentiates us from our competitors.

Our aim.

To be the investment advisor of choice. 

Our investment managers.

Operate independently to encourage accountability. While embrace innovation, this process is aggressively monitored.

Our mission.

To build responsible relationship with our clients by offering sensible investment advisory.

Our thematic strategies.

Looked beyond benchmarks to offer investors the opportunity to capitalise on the most powerful trends shaping our world.

Our focus.

Believe in active management with a strong focus on valuation.

Our strength.

As one of the largest local play in China, we combine deep market knowledge with a disciplined approach to risk. We have created a diverse range of strategies that aim to help investors capitalise on the dynamism of the Chinese market.