Dr. Henry Zhao

Group Chairman, Harvest Fund Management Co., Ltd

Dr. Zhao joined Harvest in 2000 and was the longest serving CEO in the asset management industry in China.  He was elected the chairman of the board in November 2017.  Under his leadership, Harvest has become one of China’s leading asset management companies serving more than 100 million investors.

He is currently the Vice President of the Asset Management Association of China, the expert director of Insurance Asset Management Association of China, the Vice president of State Legislative Leaders Foundation (SLLF) in the US and the President of the Asia Branch of SLLF.  In addition, he shares his expertise with colleges and universities internationally, being a Director in International Advisory Committee of UCLA Anderson School of Management MFE Program and Post-Doctoral Supervisor of Harvest Post-Doctoral Program jointly established with Peking University.

Dr. Zhao holds a PhD in economics from Guanghua School of Management in Peking University and a Bachelors degree in electronic engineering.

Great Minds Drive the Future

Since 1999, Harvest has grown into a mutual fund manager with assets under management in excess of  USD 200 billion, advancing with vision  through operational excellence and professionalism. Our track record, AUM, profit generation, and branding speaks for itself, yet our ideals and vision represent us best. 

Through insight, we generate returns. As a financial firm, we  work to earn the trust of our investors, the  recognition of our partners, and  the respect of the industry. Here at Harvest, we believe in doing things  the right way, grounded in reality, and guided by insight. Through  vision, we see the world and ourselves more  objectively : recognizing  market  inefficiencies  in China  compared  to Western markets and optimizing our investment philosophy and practice accordingly. Our emphasis on fundamentals-driven investment seeks to identify the source and thesis for every investment return. 

Through  insight, we  hone  our professionalism. At Harvest, we recognize the potential of diversity, the importance of institutions, and the value of good decision-making. In  the  open system of financial markets, we strive to establish a world class  investment, risk  management,  and  operational  system, earning an advantage in cooperation and competition with global asset managers. 

Through  insight, we  continue to  improve. Institutional  success empowers personal success,  and we build a team of driven, responsible, and proactive individuals. Through insight, we look to the future, creating value for our investors. 

Looking to the future, we hold true to fundamentals-driven investment, attracting  talent and  insight and generating returns through excellence. We are socially responsible, representing forward-looking capital, investing in the future of China’s economic development, and promoting industry advancement. 

The future has been our focus and ideal. Serving wealth generation and supporting industrial advancements, our dedication to ideals will realize a better future. Until that day, we continue advancing with vision. 


                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Group Chairman, Dr. Zhao Xue Jun

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